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Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing services

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing, also referred to as oxygen consumption (VO2) test is a special kind of exercise or stress test that is used in measuring exercise ability in an individual. Info about the lungs and heart is normal collected to comprehend whether the response of the body to exercise is abnormal or normal.

Reasons for Performing a Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test

There are a myriad of reasons why a physician will advise one to conduct a CPET test. For instance, if you have been experiencing shortness of breath for no reason, a doctor will advise you to take the test. Another reason could be to merely assess a person’s exercise capacity. In other instances, a CPET test will be performed to determine the risk levels for a scheduled surgical procedure in the individuals who have a known lung or heart disease. This is normally done to establish how severe the disease is like in the cases of cystic fibrosis, pulmonary vascular disease and chronic obstructive lung disease. The test also aids in determining how much exercise limits the lungs and hearty functions for individuals suffering from lung and heart diseases.

The cardiopulmonary exercise test will aid in discerning the level of disability or impairment an individual has to help in knowing the modes of action in the rehabilitation programs and to get the best workout prescription. It therefore helps in defining the response to different modes of treatment used on a patient. At times, this test is normally done like a research study like to check whether the advanced treatments like heart transplantation are useful in curing congestive heart failure.

Reasons to Avoid a Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test

There are reasons why performing CPET in a patient would not be a wise move. The individuals with musculoskeletal ailments that hinder them from walking or running on a treadmill or pedaling a static bike should not take this test. Other people who should not take part in these tests include those with a severe medical condition or a badly controlled chronic medical illness; people who have suffered a heart attack in less than 30 days; individuals with extremely low oxygen levels; people with very high blood pressure and those with uncontrolled heart rate or heart rhythm. You must notify the medical practitioners whether there have been recent changes in your health like cute injury or infection that could prevent working out.

Preparing for a Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test

Before the test is performed, you will receive guidelines from the pulmonary lab or by the healthcare provider. The instructions given will normally vary depending on where the test is being administered. Some of the common instructions to expect include wearing comfy attire that you can exercise in as well as shoes one can run, walk or ride a bike in. you must avoid exercising on the day the test is being done. You must consume a light meal on the test day and eat about 5 hours before the scheduled time of the test. Caffeine should not be consumed on the day the test is being performed. You should also avoid vaping or smoking on the day of the test. If you are on prescription medication, you must take them with you to the medical facility where the test will be done.

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